Reading the South – a space for writers

Worthing seafront-James Holland“What is it that makes the area you live in ripe for writing about?  What is the history of the place? What are the towns and cities and surrounding landscapes like? What are the peculiarities of the people who live there?  Creating a sense of place in fiction or poetry is not just about describing your surroundings but about examining the history and quirks of a place and the people who inhabit it that make it unique.”Lizzie Enfield


Local author Lizzie Enfield beautifully sums up what Reading the South is all about.  She and many of the other authors involved in Reading the South in 2015-16 have given us in the Reading the South Writers’ Blog some wonderful insights into their attachment to the region and how it influences or even inspires their writing.

As Reading the South develops, we invite our writers and artists to continue using this space to share their thoughts and to inspire others to get creative!